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Cirque Dreams

South Students Tour Cirque Productions “Dream Studios”

January 2, 2009- Several months of discussions between the Friends of the Theatre and Mr. Neil Goldberg, Artistic Director and founder of Cirque Productions in Pompano Beach, has culminated in a very exciting opportunity for South Plantation High School theater and DHH students.

South students were invited to tour Cirque Productions' newly renovated 20,000 square foot production and training facility, Dream Studios, in Pompano Beach. Coming off a successful run on Broadway, Cirque Productions is preparing to open their new show, "Jungle Fantasy" in January at The Seminole Hard Rock Casino.

The Dream Studios tour took place Friday, January 2, 2008. It was a tremendous opportunity for our theater and the deaf and hard of hearing (DHH) students to go behind the scenes of a major touring production company and witness the degree of dedication and effort required to put on a nationally recognized production such as Cirque Dreams “Jungle Fantasy”.

The tour was conducted by Mr. Neil Goldberg himself, who opened up to our kids and delivered an encouraging message about following your heart, dreaming big and having the courage to blaze your own creative path. Special thanks to Mr. Neil Goldberg and Terry Lynn of Superstars Public Relations for making this event so successful.

Video of the Dream Studios Tour


WPLG-10 News Airs Segment on the Cirque Dreams Studio Tour

January 9, 2009- On the same day that Cirque Dreams was visiting South Plantation High School, WPLG-10 News was airing a segment about South Plantation High School student's visit to Cirque Productions' "Dream Studio".


Cirque Dreams "Jungle Fantasy" Visits the Paladin Playhouse!

Cirque Jungle Dreams January 9, 2009- South Plantation High School theater and DHH students were treated to a visit from Cirque Dreams Artistic Director and founder Mr. Neil Goldberg and some performers from his latest show, “Jungle Fantasy", which just completed it's run on Broadway.

The morning presentation began with Mr. Goldberg sharing his journey- how he went from an awkward high school student to a scenic designer to the founder of Cirque Productions, a multi-million dollar production company providing creative, affordable family entertainment since 1993.

His message of encouragement and his passion for the arts was woven throughout the presentation which included videos of some of his performance creations such as Cirque Dreams "Illuminations", "Jungle Fantasy" and his recent "Holidaze". The 150 or more students that attended hooted, laughed and applauded as Cirque performers displayed amazing feats of strength, balance and pantomime, the highlight being an orchestra of bells conducted by a very talented and funny Cirque Dream's character. His instrumentalists? None other than South teachers Jason Zembuch, Michelle Terl, Lindsay Schroeder, guidance counselor Andie Segal and student Taylor Hall! Let me tell you, it was quite a sight that had us rolling with laughter!

During this special event Mr. Goldberg shared the fact that our theater students will have the opportunity to participate backstage at the upcoming “Jungle Fantasy” productions scheduled for January 20-25th at the Hard Rock Casino in Hollywood! He has spoken of having the students assist with the load in of the sets and of “shadowing” the talent during the show. This could include assisting talent with costume changes, props sets, etc.

Finally, Mr. Goldberg let us in on a secret. Their current promotion, Run Away With Cirque Dreams, where people audtioned for a feature role in the upcoming Cirque Dreams "Jungle Fantasy", was a great success. Of those that auditioned, only two were selected and one of those two is a South Plantation High School student! As soon as Cirque Dreams announces who that lucky person is that will be performing in "Jungle Fantasy" we'll let you know.

In the meantime, we shall continue to keep you informed about this ongoing, exciting relationship. A special thanks is due Neil Goldberg for his generosity, kindness and desire to reach out to our aspiring entertainers at South Plantation High School.


"Run Away With Cirque Dreams" Winners Announced

It's official! One of the two winners of the "Run Away With Cirque Dreams" promotion is South Plantation's own Nia Arnold!

South Plantation Friends of the Theatre offers Nia our heartfelt congratulations as she embarks upon an experience that she will carry with her all her life! Break a leg Nia!!

Run Away With Cirque Dreams
(South Plantation High School's "Run Away WIth Cirque Dreams" winner Nia Arnold, second to left, standing with Cirque Founder and Artistic Director Neil Goldberg)