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International Thespian Society Competitions 2008

Friends of the Theatre asked Michelle Terl to give us a little understanding regarding these competitions:

"The International Thespian Society has branches - International (which includes the National), State and District. We are part of Florida State Thespians, District 13. Students compete in a variety of performance and technical categories for a panel of judges. The judges are comprised of teachers, college professors, and working theatre professionals for a balanced evaluation. Each event is evaluated on a weak-to-strong scale in a series of set areas (different for each category). Students who earn a superior at the district level are then qualified to compete at the State Festival in the spring. We are allowed to bring 5 performances (of which 1 can be an Excellent, and the others must be Superiors) and 3 tech events (of which 1 can be an Excellent). Additionally, playwriting and student directing are different types of categories. The judges select only a handful of actual plays and student directors to attend State. These do not count as part of our tech events. The number of plays we can submit is determined by the number of schools that participate at the District level. Additionally, at districts Seniors are able to audition for scholarships. At State, seniors can also audition for scholarships, while juniors can audition for colleges.

This is a great way for the students to get some helpful feedback from new, but reliable, sources. It's also a chance to showcase their hard work and talent, as well as see what their peers are doing. This year, we had a fantastic showing, and we are very proud of our students.

Coming up in early February, we will again compete at the district level, in the one-act play contest, again hoping to earn a spot at the State Festival."

Well, they earned their spot in the festival...and then some! Read on...


Multiple "Superior"s Awarded to Troupe 3383 at the STATE level

On April 29th 2008, the Paladin Players hopped on a train heading northwest to Tampa to compete in the state theater competitions at the Florida State Thespian Festival. From all accounts, their performances were spectacular, particularly the "Large Group Musical" presentation of "Down At The Old Five and Dime" from the broadway play "Reefer Madness". In the words of Theater Director Michelle Terl:

"The students pulled a superior in this event despite disastrous tech issues when the festival's cd player wouldn't read our cd. Our students pulled off the biggest cous of the festival with this performance. They didn't miss a single beat -stayed in character, had super high energy, and received a standing ovation from the entire Tampa Theatre. Over the next few days, we were approached by several sponsors and students congratulating us for being able to let the show go on without allowing the difficulty to get in the way. Jason and I watched with tears in our eyes - we couldn't be more proud. It was truly the most impressive thing anyone saw at the festival."

What a perfect representation of the high degree of talent and dedictation these student actors apply to their craft.

Other results from this competition included:

One-Act Play Contest - Bobby Gould in Hell - Superior

Solo Musical - Alli Santamauro - More from Putting it Together - Superior
Mario Aivazian - Buddy's Blues from Putting it Together - Superior

Duet Musical - David Arbogast / Rob Oda - That Guy from Blood Brothers - Excellent

Scene Design - Joe Rawda - Real Women Have Curves - Excellent

Costume Design - Mercedes Brandt - Rumors - Excellent

Callbacks for all our college auditionees: Justin White, Jaimie Kautzmann, Crystal Gray, Mercedes Brandt, and Joe Rawda.

Warmest congratulations to all of you from the South Plantation Friends of the Theatre!!


Troupe 3383 Recieves Superior Rating in DISTRICT One-Act Competition!

February 4, 2008: Troupe 3383 earned an invitation to compete in the state theater competition to be held in Tampa, Florida during the month of April. This competition is sponsored by the International Thespian Society. Seven other local high schools participated in this "one-act" competition at American Heritage High School in Plantation, each contending to move on to Tampa. South Plantation's performance of David Mamet's "Bobby Gould in Hell" recieved a "superior" rating by the judges. A performance must recieve a superior rating to move onto the next stage of the competiton.

South Plantation Friends of the Theatre extends their congratultions to all who participated in this remarkable achievement! Now, onto Tampa we go!!


  • Mario Aivazian
  • Carol Rock
  • Noel Harris
  • Josh Oliveras
  • Lauren Littlejohn
  • Jaimie Kautzmann
  • Justin White
  • Robert Oda
  • Jason Rosen
  • Sydney Pigao
  • Alli Santamauro
  • John Encalada
  • Alvaro D'Amico
  • Josh Wittenben
  • Joe Rawda
  • Frank Gonzalez
  • Anika Gomez


  • Crystal Gray
  • Jesse Whitelaw
  • Mercedes Brant
  • James Parrot



District Theater Competitions at Cypress Bay High School

On Saturday, December 1,2007 members of Troup 3383 travelled to Cypress Bay High School in Weston to participate in the district theatre competitions sponsored by the International Thespian Society.


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Results from the competition:

Critics' Choice Selection in Publicity - Lauren Littlejohn

Critics' Choice Selection in Scene Design - Joe Rawda

Critics' Choice Selections to Represent District at State in
- Joshua Edelstein (A Mechanical Life); Kevin Pape (The Day the World Went Away)

Superior = 1st place rating
Natalie Florez

Excellent = 2nd place rating
Crystal Gray
Justin White
Joshua Wittneben

Good = 3rd place rating
Chelsea Dexter
Alvaro D'Amico

Superior = 1st place rating
Lauren Littlejohn



Straight Superiors = 1st place rating
Kevin Pape
Joshua Edelstein

Good = 3rd place rating
Alysha Khan

Scene Design
Straight Superiors = 1st place rating
Joe Rawda

Duet Acting
Excellent = 2nd place rating
Jason Rosen & Joshua Wittneben

Good = 3rd place rating
Nick Carlton & Carol Ann Rock
Frank Gonzalez & Crystal Gray
Scott Collins & Josh Oliveras
Alvaro D'Amico & Monika Kluziak

Large Group Musical
Straight Superiors = 1st place rating
Down at the Ol' Five and Dime

Duet Musical
Straight Superiors = 1st place rating
Rob Oda & David Arbogast


Duet Musical (Cont.)
Excellent = 2nd place rating
Alli Santamauro & Kellie Smith

Student Directing
Excellent = 2nd place rating
Nick Carlton

Solo Musical
Straight Superiors = 1st place rating
Kellie Smith
Mario Aivazian

Superior = 1st place rating
Alli Santamauro

Excellent = 2nd place rating
Frank Gonzalez
Josh Oliveras
Jaimie Kautzmann

Good = 3rd place rating
Samantha Silverman

Ensemble Acting
Excellent = 2nd place rating
Noel Harris, Mario Aivazian, & Jaimie Kautzmann

Small Group Musical
Good = 3rd place rating
Bryon Orr, Josh Wittneben, & Kellie Smith

Costume Design
Straight Superiors = 1st place rating
Mercedes Brandt

2009 Florida State Thespian Festival

Representatives of South's Theater Troup 3383 attended the Florida State Thespian Festival in Tampa last week. They left by train on Tuesday, April 21 and returned Sunday, the 26th. They brought four individual events:

1. Aivazian & Co. - Large Group Musical - "The Speed Test" from Thoroughly Modern Millie

  • Mario Aivazian
  • Rob Oda
  • Noel Harris
  • Jaimie Kautzmann
  • Josh Wittneben
  • Megan Smith
  • Giovanna Vasquez
  • Crystal Gray
  • Francesca Cromartie
  • Justin White
  • John Encalada
  • Ricardo Diaz
  • Frank Gonzalez
  • Trevor O'Bier

2. Arbogast & Co. - Small Group Musical - "What Kind of Man" from Curtains

  • David Arbogast
  • Lewis Gilbert
  • Jaimie Kautzmann
  • Kellie Smith

3. Wittneben & White - Duet Acting -" Bent"

  • Josh Wittneben
  • Justin White

4. Joe Rawda - Scene Design - Dancing at Lughnasa

All four of our events received superior ratings (equivalent to first place). We are extremely proud of all the participants and extend our congratlations to each and every one of them!

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