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Damn Yankees


Directed by Michelle Terl
Choreography by Ron Hutchins


Video Clips from the Show

Meg Boyd "Kellie Smith" leads the wives in the opening number "Six Months Out Of Every Year" as the husbands resume their annual ritual- watching baseball.
Joe Boyd (Josh Oliveras) sings "Goodbye Old Girl" to his wife Meg as he prepares to be turned into Joe Hardy (Bryon Orr).
Washington Senators manager Van Buren (Josh Wittenben) teaches the team that it takes more than skill to beat the Yankees- it takes "Heart".
Investigative sports reporter Gloria Thorpe (Jaimie Kautzmann) smells a story and coins the name "Shoeless Joe From Hannibal MO" for new batting sensation Joe Hardy.
Lola (Alli Santamauro) explains to Applegate (Mario Aivazian) that all it takes is "A Little Brains, A Little Talent" to get what she wants.
Joe Hardy and Meg Boyd (Bryon Orr & Kellie Smith) discover that people take for granted the things they have as they sing "A Man Doesn't Know".
Lola (Alli Santamauro) attempts to seduce Joe Hardy (Bryon Orr) because "Whatever Lola Wants, Lola Gets".
Rocky (Justin White) reminds the team that their priority has to be "The Game".
This showstopping performance features Applegate (Mario Aivazian) reminiscing about the "Good Old Days" and includes a spectacularly old fashioned "song and dance".
Our "Two Lost Souls", Joe Hardy (Bryon Orr) and Lola (Alli Santamauro), resign themselves to their fate and features a dramatic ensemble dance that shouldn't be missed.

Joe Boyd (Josh Oliveras) returns home to his wife Meg (Kellie Martin) as Applegate grows frustrated at his loss of Joe's soul. Features a reprise of the song "A Man Doesn't Know".



Middle-aged baseball fanatic Joe Boyd once again trades his soul to the Devil (the charming but devious Mr. Applegate) for a chance to lead his favorite team to victory in the pennant race against the New York Yankees as the South Plantation High School theater department brought the classic "Damn Yankees" to the Paladin Playhouse stage for the 2008 spring musical.

As young baseball sensation Joe Hardy, the former Joe Boyd transforms the hapless Washington Senators into a winning team, only to realize the true worth of the life (and wife) he's left behind. With the help of a handy escape clause and a guilt-ridden temptress named Lola, Joe outsmarts Applegate, returns to his former self and shepherds the Senators to the World Series.

Light, fast-paced and devilishly clever, “Damn Yankees” is a home-run hit whose all-American subject matter and irreverent sense of humor have brought many a sports fan into the theatre. In addition to its many strong male roles, the show features a scene-stealing role in Lola, plenty of opportunities for dance, and a catchy score filled with rousing production numbers and popular favorites like "Heart" and "Whatever Lola Wants."

Advanced purchase of an opening night ticket got ticket holders credit towards hot dogs, pizza, chips, ice cream and soft drinks at the first (and only!) opening night "tailgate party". Each show had special guests who sang the Star Spangled Banner to open the show and "Take Me Out To The Ball Game" during the 7th inning stretch (otherwise known as intermission!). Opening night's guest was radio personality "Toast" classic rock radio station BIG 105.9's morning show.


Cast List

JOE BOYD – Josh Oliveras
MEG BOYD – Kellie Smith
MR. APPLEGATE – Mario Aivazian
SISTER – Carol Rock
DORIS / u.s. SISTER – Lee Honeycutt
JOE HARDY – Bryon Orr
ROCKY / ENSEMBLE – Justin White
VAN BUREN – Josh Wittneben
GLORIA THORPE – Jaimie Kautzmann
LOLA – Alli Santamauro
LINVILLE / VERNON – Eevander Jones
MICKEY / ENSEMBLE – Scott Collins
BRYAN / ENSEMBLE – Joseph Paisley
STRANE / LYNCH / ENSEMBLE – Ernst Dominique
DEL / ENSEMBLE – Brandon Acosta
GUARD / ENSEMBLE – Ryan Patterson
ENSEMBLE / u.s. DORIS – Francesca Cromartie
ENSEMBLE / u.s. GLORIA – Monika Kluziak
ENSEMBLE – Delicia Thompson & Nia Arnold

Additional understudies TBA

Crew List

Student Producer: Lauren Littlejohn

Student Producer Shadow: Elizabeth Martinez

Stage Manager: Mercedes Brandt

Assistant Stage Manager: Alvaro D’Amico

Publicity: Lauren Littlejohn
Joe Rawda
Mary Alini Villicastin
Mary Celine Villicastin

Assistant Set Designer: Joe Rawda

Runners: Joann Saurez
Yennifer Teran

Sound Designer: TBA

Sound Crew: Danielle Merritt
Ashley Ahringer

Programs: Joe Rawda

Lighting Designer: James Parrott

Light Crew: Jesse Whitelaw

Master Carpenter: Bryon Orr

Set Construction Crew: Nickers Beauchamps
Chloe Dodd
Joshua Edelstein
Jesse Whitelaw
Frank Gonzalez
Alli Santamauro
Joshua Wittneben
Scott Collins
Mario Aivazian

Deck Manager: TBA

Props Mistress: Crystal Gray

Props Crew: Dakota Edelstein
Chelsea Dexter

Hair/Makeup Designer: Kelly Case

Hair/Makeup Crew: Lilian Castillo
Lauren Littlejohn

Costume Designer/Master: Kellie Smith

Costume Crew: Nicole Nott
Sara Yonkers

House Manager: Andrey Patino

House Staff: Eric Potter
Karen Garcia
Kierra Sheffield


BECON-TV's "Sports Blitz" Features South's production of "Damn Yankees"

BECON-TV's (WBEC-TV/Comcast channel 19/Bellsouth Entertainment channel 70/UHF channel 63) sports magazine program "Sports Blitz" is featuring a segment on South Plantation High School's recent production of "Damn Yankees".

The clip features interviews with director Michelle Terl, actors Bryon Orr, Kelli Smith, Josh Oliveras and Mario Aivazian and student producer Lauren Littlejohn. The piece also includes footage from rehearsals and the opening night "tailgate party".

Thanks to Sports Blitz producer Brandon Graham, we are pleased to be able to offer it for viewing on the FOTT website.




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