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Dance Showcase 2008

On a cool Friday evening, March 14, 2008, audience members were treated to a dance showcase featuring 29 students who have been training under award winning choreographer Ron Hutchins. This is the second dance showcase under Mr. Hutchins. The first was back in December of 2007.

The evening's performance commenced with "I Hope I Get It" from perennial favorite "A Chorus Line". At the end of this Mr. Hutchins had all the students introduce themselves and opened up the floor for questions. Of particular interest to the audience was the participation of one very special dancer, 10 year old Monica Aivazian, who captured the hearts of the audience with her bright smile and ability to keep up with the big kids.

After the Q&A session, the dancers went back stage to prepare for the next performance- the art of tap dance. As the students put on their tap shoes Mr. Hutchins provided a brief history of the art and proceeded to do a small demonostration of his talent. Then, it was time for the students to shine...and shine they did. It was remarkable to learn that what was witnessed was the result of only two and a half days of training in tap! These kids were terrific!!

The last presentation had the audience's toes-a-tapping as the dancers performed the title track from the Broadway play "Footloose".

To close the evening's festivities, Ron Hutchins introduced the first "Ron Hutchins Scholarship Award". This award is to be presented to one young man and young woman from each class whom Ron feels showed the most improvement, worked the hardest and/or showed the greatest leadership potential. Recipients would recieve their next dance training at no charge. The winners of the Dance Showcase 2008 "Ron Hutchins Scholarship" were Noel Harris and Jaimie Kautzmann. Congratulations to the both of you from South Plantation Friends of the Theatre.

Once again, video of the event was donated by a father of one of the dancers. We hope you enjoy these performance as much as we did!


The dance troupe performs "I Hope I Get It" from "A Chorus Line".


Ron Hutchins keeps the audience busy as the dancers prepare for their next number- the art of tap dance.


The dancers display their new-found tap skills. This is after only two and a half tap lessons!!.


The dancers perform "Footloose".

Participants / Auditioners for the
Dance Showcase 2008

  • Jaimie Kautzmann
  • Alli Santamauro
  • Monika Kluziak
  • Mercedes Brandt
  • Sydney Pigao
  • Bianca Jameison
  • Chelsea Dexter
  • Yennifer Teran
  • Crystal Gray
  • Joann Suarez
  • Kelly Case
  • Cheyna Alldredge
  • Carol Rock
  • Natalie Florez
  • Monica Aivazian
  • Elizabeth Martinez
  • Lee Honeycutt
  • John Encalada
  • Frank Gonzalez
  • Jason Rosen
  • Josh Oliveras
  • Noel Harris
  • Alvaro D'Amico
  • Ryan Patterson
  • Rob Oda
  • Andrey Patino
  • Josh Wittenben
  • Scott Collins
  • Mario Aivazian

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