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Dance Showcase Fall 2008

Showcase spotlights students "Destined to Dance"

On Friday evening, October 17th, 2008, an enthusiastic Paladin Playhouse crowd was treated to a dance showcase hosted by Carbonelle Award winning choreographer Ron Hutchins, director of Destined To Dance in Fort Lauderdale.

Mr. Hutchins taught and trained 27 students, mostly from South Plantation High School, in a variety of dance styles. The total number of classes taught for this showcase was five over the course of five weeks. For some students who participated in previous dance recitals, this brought their total to ten dance classes while for the remaining students these five were their first. You never would have known it.

The first dance presentation was a "contemporary" style dance performed to the R&B sounds of "I Remember" by Keyshia Cole.

This sultry number was followed by a showcase of "tap" which featured some crowd pleasing hoofing by Mario Aivazian and Noel Harris, all performed to the swinging sound of "To Love Me or Leave Me" by the great master Sammy Davis Jr.

The evening then made a cool turn into the urban as Mr. Hutchins called upon the "Queen of Funk", Miss Chaka Khan, to usher in the next showcase: "hip hop". Keep your eyes open for some fancy footwork by SPHS junior Eliel Batista in the clip below.

The evening closed with a rousing example of the "musical theater" style of dance. To represent, Mr. Hutchins chose the upbeat and fun "You Can't Stop The Beat" from the musical Hairspray.

Midway through this final showcase the audience was treated to a most entertaining sight: the always amiable and "willing to take chances" pair of Josh Wittneben and Joshua Oliveras dancing and lip synching in drag! One might say that this alone was worth the price of admission, but as a point of fact, it was merely the pinnacle of a fantastic evening with a group of students who truly are "Destined To Dance".

The evening concluded with scholarship awards for free dance classes courtesy of Destined to Dance. The recipients of the these awards were Alli Santamauro and Eliel Batista.

On behalf of the Friends of the Theatre, congratulations to all who participated in this successful dance showcase and to our two scholarship recipients, Alli and Eliel!!


Fall Dance Showcase 2008 Participants

  • Mario Aivazian
  • Noel Harris
  • Justin White
  • Ryan Patterson
  • Eliel Batista
  • Jackie Hilton
  • Robert Oda
  • Joshua Oliveras
  • Trevor O'Bier
  • Alvaro D'Amico
  • Frank Gonzalez
  • Josh Wittneben
  • Chelsea Dexter
  • Elizabeth Martinez
  • Jaimie Kautzmann
  • Megan Smith
  • Francesca Cromartie
  • Crystal Gray
  • Leah Wilson
  • Mercedes Brandt
  • Giovanna Vazquez
  • Alli Santamauro
  • Nadja Oliveras
  • Sam Silverman
  • Suany Hurlston
  • Kellie Smith
  • Kelsey Oslan


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