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Directed by Jason Zembuch

Guys and Dolls Cast List

Nicely-Nicely Johnson- Austin Waserman
Benny Southwest-Joseph Franklin
Rusty Charlie-Amani Pope
Sarah Brown-.Kayla Riley
Arvide Abernathy-Kyle Rodriguez
Agatha-Taylor Hall
Calvin-Marco Tzunux
Martha-Yves-Nole Lemaistre
Mission Band-Emily Terwilliger, Shea Rogus, Monica Aivazian
Harry the Horse-Jesus Contreras
LT. Brannigan-.Stiven Arce
Nathan Detroit-Dalton Johnson

Crap Shooters-Lance Spencer, David Lewis, Genes Jeune
Angie the Ox- Daniel Nohrdon
Miss Adelaide-Abby Cline
Sky Masterson-Andy Terwilliger
Joey Biltmore-David Lewis
Mimi-Victoria Franklin
General Matilda B. Cartwright-Anna Banks
Big Jule-Raffi Mikelstein
Master of Ceremonies-Christian Valdivieso
Allison-Megan Smith
Ferguson-Lesha Moore
Vernon-Julia Rodriguez
Hot Box Girls-Kaley Sheilds, Victoria Franklin, Kayla Becker
Drunk-Toren Galardi
Waiter-Callum Pudsey



Guys and Dolls

The lights go down. The curtain opens to reveal the set design in all it's splendor. Then the music begins and the actors take to the stage for the very first time before an audience. March 22nd was opening night once again at the Paladin Playhouse...possibly the most exciting moment in all of theater as The Paladin Players proudly presented "Guys and Dolls"!

Those iconic characters from one of the most beloved musical comedies of all time came to life that night and on select evenings over the following two weeks. The high rollin' Sky Masterson, the upright (and uptight) Sister Sarah, sweet, lovelorn Adelaide, and, of course, her fiance of 14 years, life-long gambler Nathan Detroit, accompanied by a variety of other kooky characters were all present in this family friendly live theater show that will left audiences singing songs like "A Bushel and a Peck", "Luck Be A Lady" and the title song all the way out the door!

As always, the show was simultaneously performed in American Sign Language for our deaf and hard of hearing supporters.


Guys and Dolls Crew List

Stage Manager: Sarah Terwilliger
Assistant Stage Manager: Yomira Pou
Technical Director: Jesus Contreras
Technical Director Shadow: Joseph Franklin
Assistant Technical Director: Callum Pudsey
Set Designer: Jesus Contreras
Set Designer Shadow: Christian Valdvieso
Assistant Set Designer: Amani Pope
Master Carpenter: Dalton Johnson
Build Master: Kayla Riley
Set Crew:   Christian Valdvieso, Kaley Sheilds, Kayla Riley, Amani Pope, Raffi Mikelstein, David Lewis, Dalton Johnson, Taylor Hall, Monica Aivazian, Callum Pudsey, Fernando Soler, Alan Molina
Scenic Painters: Nia Hunley
Costume Designer: Julia Rodriguez
Assistant Costume Designer: Jocelyn Vacca
Costume Manager: Alix Fleming
Costume Crew: Cailin Waserman, Austin Waserman, Abigail Smith, Shea Rogus, Lesha Moore, Maggie Beauchamp, Rikki Pizzella,  Bianca Mercado, Summer Wong
Hair and Makeup Designers: Nicole Wood, Colleen Lorenzen
Hair and Makeup Crew: Lance Spencer, Megan Smith, Nichole Miller, Jessica Combs
Light Designer: Christian Valdvieso
Light Crew: Andy Terwilliger, Abby Cline, Taylor Hall, Nina Flores, Stephanie Moises, Christina Nunes, Santiago Torres
Sound Designer: Raffi Mikelstein
Sound Crew: Kelsey Smith, Kaley Sheilds, Toren Galardi
Programs: Sarah Russell, Stiven Arce
Publicity: Iesha Moore, Yves-Nola Lemaistre
Student Producer: Stiven Arce
Student Producer Shadow: Aijah Stanford
Props Mistress: Katie Horton
Props Crew: Emily Terwilliger, Kelsey Smith, Tamara Saenz-Marmol, Sarah Russell, Victoria Franklin, Anna Banks, Emily Evans, Jillian Direktor, Tiana Kloss
Light Board Op: Christina Hines
Follow Spot Ops: Aaron Burque, Stephanie Moises