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Disney's "High School Musical"


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Taylor (Jaimie Kautzmann) opens the show with call out to all the Wildcats!


Troy (Robert Oda) and the basketball team sing "Getcha Head In The Game".


Troy (Robert Oda) and Gabriella (Kellie Smith) sing "What I've Been Looking For".


Sharpay (Alli Santamauro) and Ryan (Mario Aivazian) lead the ensemble in "Stick To The Status Quo".


Sharpay (Alli Santamauro) and Ryan (Mario Aivazian) lead the ensemble in singing "Bop To The Top"


The ensemble closes the show with a rousing version of "We're All In This Together" and heads out into the aisles to get the crowd going!






























Troy, Gabriella, Sharpay, Ryan and the rest of the East High School Wildcats gang came to life as South Plantation High School brought Disney's "High School Musical" to the Paladin Playhouse stage.

The 70 minute live-theater version of this wildly successful Disney TV movie featured students from director Jason Zembuch's advanced acting class, all of whom worked alongside Carbonelle Award Winning choreographer Ron Hutchins and musical director Marcus Davis.

Like last year's "Peter Pan- An Adventure in Voice and Sign", this "High School Musical" was performed in both voice and American Sign Language! Few high school production companies reach out to the deaf and hard of hearing community in the way South Plantation High School does. Productions like "Peter Pan" and now "High School Musical" don't just have a person standing beside the stage interpreting the dialogue, forcing deaf and hard of hearing patrons to split their attention between the actors and the interpreter. They have the entire cast learning their parts in both voice and sign and then performing both simultaneously, allowing those who are deaf and hard of hearing to enjoy the performance in much the same way as everyone else in the theater, focusing their attention on the action on stage.

If the throngs of children who rushed the stage after the show to have their playbills signed by the cast members is any indication, this show was a great success!

This was the first time HSM was performed by a Broward County School Theater production company and was produced as a benefit to raise funds for the South Plantation Theater program.


The Cast

The Jocks

  • Troy Bolton - Robert Oda
  • Chad Danforth - Justin White
  • Zeke Baylor - Lewis Gilbert
  • Jason - Noel Harris
  • Other Jocks/Ensemble - Kaloub Gomez

The Thespians

  • Sharpay Evans - Alli Santamauro
  • Ryan Evans - Mario Aivazian
  • James - Alvaro D'Amico
  • Susan - Natalie Florez
  • Cathy - Joanna Salas
  • Cyndra - Crystal Gray
  • Other Thespians/Ensemble - Pashyne Glover

The Brainiacs

  • Gabriella Montez - Kellie Smith
  • Taylor McKessie - Jaimie Kautzmann
  • Martha Cox - Sydney Pigao
  • Kratnoff - Lisbeth Frederick
  • Other Brainiacs/Ensemble - Shawn Abrahams

The Skater Dudes

  • Ripper - Nick Carlton
  • Mongo - Bryon Orr
  • Other Skater Dudes/Ensemble - Bianca Jameison, Justin McNelley, Rachel Hoffman, Moriah Johnson, Frank Gonzelez

Other Students

  • Jack Scott - Jason Rosen
  • Kelsi Neilson - Anika Gomez
  • Wildcat Cheerleaders - Brittany Bair, Barbara Medina, Kelly Case, Laura Sledge, Nicole Scott

The Adults

  • Ms. Darbus - Joshua Wittenben
  • Coach Bolton - Joe Rawda
  • Ms. Tenny - Crystal Gray
  • Moderator - Crystal Gray

Other Ensemble

  • Giovanna Vazquez, Victoria Fyke, Jesse Whitelaw



Stage Manager - Nichole Wilson

Lighting Operator - James Parrott

Sound Crew - Justin Burton, David Erazo

Educational Interpreters - Helene Cohn, Jessica Dolores

American Sign Language Instructors - Giovanna Vazquez, Victoria Fyke, Jesse Whitelaw

Program Editor - Joe Rawda

Poster Design - Joe Rawda

House Manager - Lauren Littlejohn














































































































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