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Little Shop of Horrors

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Little Shop of Horrors

May 4, 5, 6 at 7pm
May 7 at 2pm
May 11, 12, 13 at 7pm


Tickets $10 in advance
$15 at the door


A Community Comes Together: Supporting Arts in Education
South Plantation High School Produces Little Shop of Horrors

Nationally, arts programs are disappearing left and right from our public schools, however, at one local high school, the show will go on! And while debates over budget cuts and education reform find their way into our headlines, more so now than ever, in Broward County, all that falls to the wayside as public figures and community leaders take the stage, performing side by side, with 48 teenagers.

On May 4th, South Plantation High School will be opening their production of Little Shop of Horrors to the public. During the run of the show, guest performances will include walk on rolls by community leaders and public figures including Superintendent Robert Runcie, School Board Member Laurie Rich Levinson, Plantation City Councilman Mark Hyatt, and former Miami Dolphin Wide Receiver Jim “Crash” Jensen.

However, this is not the first time that the carnivorous man eating plant, Audrey II, will be making his move toward world domination at the Paladin Playhouse. Nearly 30 years ago, a different, and slightly younger, generation of thespians brought this very show to life. And on Friday, May 5th, several of those actors will be revisiting their alma matter to participate in the very same show they fell in love with those many years ago. With excitement, the Paladin Players will be welcoming back to the stage four of the lead actors, most of whom will be flying in from out of state, who originated the rolls of Seymour (Nick Cavalancia – Technology Entrepreneur), Audrey (Alyse Dombey – Professional Singer and Teacher), Orin (Chad Sahley – LA Producer/Director), as well as the voice of Audrey II (Chuck Goldman - Mortgage Underwriter).

Drastically different from the SPHS production of the 1980’s will be the use of American Sign Language. Over the course of the last twelve years, South Plantation High School’s theatre program has become quite well known for specializing in Theatre for The Deaf. Like many of their productions, Little Shop of Horrors will be both voiced and signed by each of the actors. Even guest performers will be learning a little bit of sign language to prepare for their role!