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About the Director

Teacher of the Year LogoPaladin Playhouse Theater Director Jason Zembuch Awarded Arts Teacher of the Year

November 6, 2013- Last night at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts, Paladin Playhouse artistic director and theater teacher Jason Zembuch was awarded one of Broward School's highest honors- Theater Arts Teacher of the Year.

We Friends of the Theater have known for a long time how lucky we are to have such a talented, dedicated, caring educator working with our children so it is with great pleasure (and no small degree of pride) that we share this wonderful news with you. We know that he doesn't do what he does for the accolades but we are pleased that Mr. Zembuch is getting the recognition he so richly deserves.

Congratulations Jason! And on behalf of all the Friends of the Theater, past and present, thank you for all you have done and continue to do!!

Photo 2 from award ceremony
(Jason Zembuch standing among his contemporaries awaiting the announcement of the Arts Teacher of the Year Award)

Photo from Awards Ceremony
(Jason Zembuch, celebrating his award, surrounded by family, friends, students and supporters of the South Plantation High School theater program)

About the Program

Keep Calm and Learn Sign LanguageTheater For The Deaf Style at South Plantation High School

You may not be aware but South Plantation High School is recognized as the only cluster school in the Broward School District for the deaf and hard of hearing. Because of this unique status, theater program director Jason Zembuch chooses to direct all productions in a style known as "Theater For The Deaf" with all mainstage productions being performed in both voice and sign language. Come to a show and experience a "Theater For The Deaf" production for yourself and discover the beauty of a performance in both voice and sign language!


Director Jason Zembuch & Michele Terl Discuss The Unique Theater Program on BECON-TV's "On Stage" Television Program

The highly regarded drama program at South Plantation High School is a dynamic one, full of opportunity for any student desiring to experience the world of theater. It is an all-encompassing program that requires more than just talent, but discipline.

Students are expected to work hard, keep their grades up, be honest and be responsible to meet all their obligations.

The program below is of an interview of directors Jason Zembuch and Michelle Terl by Iris Acker, host of the show "On Stage" which airs on BECON-TV (channel 19 on Comcast & UHF channel 63). This interview provides a great introduction to South's theater program.



Theater For The Deaf Discussed on BECON-TV's "Teen Talk"

This next video is also provided courtesy of BECON-TV. "Teen Talk" is a one hour program of unscripted, unedited real talk addressing sensitive issues impacting today's youth. This subject matter of this particular program is "Theater for the Deaf" and features a discussion with South Plantation High School theater directors Jason Zembuch and Michelle Terl along with several cast members, both hearing and deaf. The topic is November 2008's critically acclaimed and Cappie Award winning production of "West Side Story".

WSS Poster2008 Production of West Side Story Incorporated into Japanese Middle School Education Curriculum

The Paladin Players production of West Side Story (2008) has now been incorporated into an educational DVD program used in all middle schools in the country of Japan.

Director Jason Zembuch explains...

"We were contacted earlier this school year by Global Photo Associates in California for permission to do so. After we granted permission, ABC World News Tonight was contacted and permission to use their footage was given. The DVD series is part of their adopted curriculum to be used from April 2012 - April 2018 and contains a segment dealing with the use of American Sign Language and Theatre for The Deaf."

The South Plantation Friends of the Theater congratulates Director Jason Zembuch and the 2008 Paladin Players on this tremendous honor.

Learn more about and see video clips from the 2008 production of West Side Story.