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The Boys Next Door

The Boys Next Door

Cast List

Jack ….. Justin White
Arnold ….. Rob Oda
Barry ….. Mario Aivazian
Norman ….. Josh Wittneben
Lucien ….. Noel Harris
Corbin ….. Jackie Hilton
Clarke ….. Brandon Acosta
Hedges ….. John Encalada
Mr. Klemper ….. Alvaro D’Amico
Sheila ….. Jaimie Kautzmann
Mrs. Fremus ….. Chelsea Dexter
Mrs. Warren ….. Elizabeth Martinez
Clara ….. Carol Rock


Jack ….. Alvaro D’Amico
Arnold / Mr. Klemper ….. Brandon Acosta
Norman / Lucien ….. John Encalada
Clarke / Hedges ….. Jackie Hilton
Barry ….. Frank Gonzalez
Sheila ….. Chelsea Dexter
Mrs. Fremus ….. Carol Rock
Clara ….. Elizabeth Martinez


Crew List

Stage Manager ….. Sydney Pigao
Stage Manager Shadow …... Jackie Hilton
Assistant Stage Manager …… Frank Gonzalez
Runner ….. Nicole Nott

Producer / Publicity Director ….. Jason Rosen
Producing / Publicity Crew ….. Abigail Cline, Kaley Shields, Elizabeth Martinez, Joe Rawda

Lighting Designers ….. Mario Aivazian & Noel Harris
Assistant Lighting Designer / Light Board Operator ….. Ricardo Diaz

Sound Designer / Sound Board Operator ….. Jason Rosen
Sound Crew ….. Elizabeth Martinez & Nicole Nott

Set Designer ..... Joe Rawda
Master Carpenter ….. Josh Wittneben
Equipment Manager ….. Scott Collins

Set Construction Crew.... John Encalada, Alvaro D’Amico, Chelsea Dexter, Elizabeth Martinez, Justin White, Josh Wittneben, Mario Aivazian, Rob Oda, Scott Collins, Frank Gonzalez, Sydney Pigao & Joe Rawda

Props Designer / Manager …... Crystal Gray
Props Pre-Production Crew....Brandon Acosta, Chelsea Dexter, Taylor Hall, Nicole Wood.

Costume Designer / Manager …... Carol Rock
Costume Crew ….. Dakota Edelstein, Nicole Nott, Elizabeth Martinez

Hair / Makeup Designer / Manager ….. Jaimie Kautzmann
Hair / Makeup Crew ….. Dakota Edelstein

House Manager ….. Jessica Ahringer

Video Doc Crew Chief ….. Abigail Cline
Video Doc Crew ….. Angelica Benitez & Kaley Shield





The internationally recognized theatre program at South Plantation High School has undertaken a new project in hopes of raising awareness in the community about the needs of adults living with disabilities. Under the direction of Michelle Terl, the cast and crew of Tom Griffin’s comedy, The Boys Next Door, seek to remind the theatre-going public that behind many closed doors reside individuals full of heart and hope who find beauty in a life that is not always kind to them.

Set in and around a facility-owned and operated apartment where four mentally challenged men reside, The Boys Next Door uses a mix of humor and poignancy to reach audiences of all ages. Through our experiences with these characters, we find ourselves laughing, crying, and considering the many eccentricities of human behavior.

Known for pushing the envelope with ever more challenging material choices, the bright young actors at South Plantation find themselves immersed in a world that is both unfamiliar and enlightening. Through their interpretations, they have discovered the importance of an environment that fosters friendship, self-worth, and independence for these uniquely special individuals.

Eager to celebrate those groups in their own community which promote these values for this underserved population, the students involved are taking on related activities which include a donation drive for the Ann Storck Center of Broward County, pre- and post-show talkback discussions with adolescents from a variety of Broward County schools, and a partnership with South’s own Best Buddies program. These efforts have been embraced by the students involved as they explore every possible opportunity to make a difference with their art.



Jack briefly introduces the four main characters.
Arnold talks about his visit to the grocery store.
This is a series of clips where Arnold stirs up some trouble at the dance.
Sheila asks Norman for his keys at the dance.
Barry is reunited with his abusive father, Mr. Klemper. WARNING- there is some offensive language in this scene.
Norman meets Sheila's new friend Clara at the dance.
Sheila visits Norman at the apartment for their first date.
Lucien testifies at the State Senate.
The boys throw a surprise party for Jack.
Jack finds Arnold at the train station in the last scene of the play.








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