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Professional Theatre in a High School Setting

There is a common misconception among those not familiar with the proud history of the South Plantation High School Theatre program that the production costs to put on a show "can't be that much because...well, it's ONLY a high school production".

It would be a terrible mistake to make such an assumption. Theatre director Jason Zembuch's approach embodies the motto that is so often echoed in the Paladin Playhouse- "Professional Theatre in a High School Setting".

To help you understand the scope of a SPHS production and the great need of your help we are providing the cost breakdown from the fall 2007 production of "Rhinoceros".

Productions Costs for "Rhinoceros ":

  • Posters and playbills: $2,800.00
  • Costumes & makeup: $2,100.00
  • Props: $500.00
  • Set design/construction: $4,000.00
  • Lighting/equipment: $1,000.00
  • Royalty/rental: $600.00
  • Lobby display: $200.00
  • Concessions- donated by Friends of the Theatre
  • Misc. costs: $1,000.00
  • T-Shirts: $600.00

Total cost of production: $10,000.00

The upcoming production of Dreamworks' "Shrek, The Musical" will cost over FOUR TIMES this amount.

Now, consider that the theater program receive ZERO funds from the school board of Broward County. Not one dime. All funding for our productions are raised through fundraising, ticket sales and corporate sponsorships.

Whether you are an individual or you represent a corporation, consider partnering with us to uphold the tradition of excellence at South Plantation High School by providing our students with the best possible high school theater arts experience possible.


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